Making Lemonade…Not One of My Talents


So…pregnancy has me a little bummed right now.

Or maybe it’s the fact that the boys have fevers and I haven’t really left the house in three days.

Photo on 4-18-14 at 10.07 AM

And missing several doses of meds probably contributed.  (Silas pointed out that I was probably throwing up my medicine a few times a week, so I switched to taking it at night, but then I kept forgetting it…)

I just feel…out of it.  Melancholy.  And my self-esteem has taken a hit, since I’m in that uncomfortable and awkward “don’t really look pregnant but have gained ten pounds anyway and everything fits weird” period.  Also I don’t have any bras that fit, and that’s never fun.  (I’m employing the old “sports bra strapped on over a regular bra” trick today.)

My face keeps breaking out and I re-dyed my hair yesterday since it had faded a lot…but it’s too dark.


And Silas is leaving in less than 10 days and the thought of it is looming in my mind like a dark cloud of impending loneliness.

I know, I know.  Buck up and put the tiny violin back in its case, Heather.  Make lemonade.  Find the silver lining.

I do recognize that everything is just fine, and that my body image problems are mostly in my head.  It’s extremely normal to feel a little down in pregnancy–your body is changing in unfamiliar ways that are (mostly) out of your control.  And the boys will be better soon and my melancholy mood will fade away.

So, pity party over.  I’m taking down the streamers and popping all the pity balloons.  It’s the (freakin) weekend!  Cheering up is inevitable.



This was a terrible Friday post, sorry to be such a downer.  Read this if you need some awesome in your life.


6 thoughts on “Making Lemonade…Not One of My Talents

  1. Aghhh what a terrible combination of happenings! Mother Nature hit last night and I’ve been a cranky so-and-so and have already made several impulse beauty buys… I can’t be trusted around the beauty aisles when it’s that time of the month. I think my new makeup may make me look a little too shiny? Idk!! I want to do things but I also don’t want to deal with too many people so I have a general listlessness which I am going to try to channel into crocheting things in the dreary weather. One nice thing is the sound of rain on our tin roof. Plip plop plip plop. Maybe just focus on one single good thing and hold onto it for a minute? 🙂 I send good vibes toward your wonky Friday!

    • Product therapy is the best. There is nothing that gives me a lift quite like buying new makeup/hair products. The promises are so seductive…

      I am jealous of your rain, though we are having a nice cloudy day today. I hope your mental dreariness lifts and that you have a good weekend!

  2. Sounds like lots of negative stuff going on. I think you’re perfectly valid feeling kinda crappy, you know? Sorry you’re going through tough times and I hope the weekend is good to you.

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