Guess Who’s Back (Back Again)

Just so you know, it takes real restraint not to title every single post with song lyrics.

So…Silas is in town!  (For those who don’t know, he’s a 4th year podiatry student and has been doing rotations in different states since last May.  So we’ve seen him a total of 2-ish weeks since then.  Just to give some context.)

The boys are, of course, absolutely ecstatic.  Because dad is cool and fun and takes them places.


But let the record show that I also climbed up (not all the way, though–it’s a 50-foot ascent to the tippy top) and, although I hyperventilated and had to use my freeway-driving pep talk (“You got this.  You’re doing it.  You’re not going to die.”), I did not have a crippling panic attack.

Look at me, bitches.  Conquering fears like a boss.

Or at least approaching them timidly.

Let the record also show that Noa likes Silas much, much more than she likes me.  I’ve gotten a total of two laughs out of her, yet every time she even sees her father’s face she breaks into the biggest, cheesiest grin I’ve ever seen.

It’s no big deal really–it’s not like I gave birth to her and have spent every day and night of the last 3.5 months slaving to meet her every need or anything.


(In truth, I’m thrilled that she’s bonded with him–she’s a little stingy with her bonding and I was afraid she’d give him the stranger treatment.)

And for the first time in years, Silas doesn’t have to do anything.  No homework.  No shifts at the hospital.  No hours of studying. Boards are over.  Interviews are done.  Until his next rotation in February, we have his undivided time.

It’s a weird and foreign thing.  But also kind of awesome.

So in spite of my big “I’m taking 2015 by the horns and writing EVERY DAY” talk, posting will be sporadic over the next week or two.

Try to contain your despair.

Love to you all and hope you’re surviving and thriving in the month of bitter cold and high expectations.


(It’s our last few months in the land of heat heat heat so I’m trying to roll with the forecasted 80-degree temps.  This time next year I might be freezing my lamentably flat ass off…)



3 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back (Back Again)

  1. SO HAPPY SILAS IS HOME!! That little butterball Noa, she cries when we are around her (sad sigh) but love that she is Daddy’s girl!

    I can’t even imagine life here without my favorite family! My heart breaks to pieces to think that in a few short months there will be no one to call us Nana and Papa and have sleepovers with us.

    But glad you guys get away from a place you intensely dislike 🙂

    • I told you, we don’t hate it here! Haha. I’ve grown to like it a lot over the past few years. Especially where we live now, it’s fantastic and the people are probably the friendliest I’ve ever seen in a town. It’s really nice.

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so INDESCRIBABLY HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re in the same boat….where the heck will we all be come this summer?!?!?!??!

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