Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

I can’t resist.  There’s a song for literally everything.  (Literally.)  You can quote me on that.


I am so glad Noa wasn’t my firstborn.  Not that the boys were perfect angels, and not that she’s a colicky mess, but she has definitely been the fussiest, most sensitive, and trickiest to figure out.  To balance that out, she’s also very social and loves face-to-face interaction (although she prefers the face to be that of her bearded father), and when I get rewarded with a giant gummy smile it makes everything else fade into the background.

I’m 90% sure she’s teething right now (it’s a bit early, but Tesla got teeth around 4 months and she’s 10 days shy of that milestone).  For the most part, the boys didn’t really display any teething symptoms (at least, none that I picked up on)–teeth just suddenly appeared.  I knew from the beginning that Noa would absolutely have a different reaction to the process, and I was right.  Extreme fussiness, slight fever, drooling, decreased appetite, needing to chew on something constantly (often her hands but I started keeping all of her pacifiers in a cup in the freezer and the cold rubber is also highly favored)–she’s displaying all the classic signs.  (I have a degree from the University of WebMD so I’m a pretty legit source.)

Hopefully a wee incisor breaks through in the next few days.  If not, may God have mercy on my soul.



It’s the freakin’ weekend!  I hope you have fun plans.  My brothers are coming over tonight to play games and drink adult beverages (no one around me seems to like games as much as I do but I force them to play with me).  Adult sibling bonding is the best.




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