About Heather

I’m Heather: an average twenty-something wife and mother who writes about learning to just be.


I have three children: a 5 year old, a 4 year old, and a 3 month old.  They are sweet and crazy.

I love [LOVE] to read, and have a not-so-secret addiction to YA novels.  In 2012, I set a New Years’ resolution to read 50 books within the year.  I read 79.  It’s the only resolution I’ve ever kept and I’m pretty damn proud of it.  (But I will never again read another parenting book in my life.)

I do my best writing after 2 cups of coffee, and I love getting addicted to tv shows.  I can’t sit through a movie but you get me hooked on a show and I will devote every spare second of my life to it.

I’m a [recovering] compulsive binge eater.  Disordered eating is (mostly) a thing of the past…but intuitive eating is an elusive bitch, yo.  Let’s discuss.

I’ve dealt with depression/anxiety/related issues on and off for about a decade.  I’m no expert nor am I qualified in any way to give advice, but if sharing bits of my story helps even one person feel less alone, it’s worth it.

I believe that we could all use a little less insecurity-fueled “self-improvement” propaganda and a little more self-acceptance in our lives.

And I believe that it’s okay to just be ‘okay’ sometimes.

Maybe a little mediocrity is what we need.



3 thoughts on “About Heather

  1. I’m sorry it took me this long to find your blog. I’m so new to the whole WordPress thing that I only really started figuring out the ‘likes’ and follows today. Wow, 79 books in a year is suuuuuper impressive – especially when you throw TV series into the mix! The legacy of disordered eating tends to hang around for so long, but you definitely sound like you’re beating it 🙂 No one needs to be a superhero. It’s good to be reminded of that.

    • Debby!! I just left like a million (okay, maybe 3 or 4) “help I want to cheat” comments on your blog. Haha 🙂

      Thanks, it’s good to be encouraged. Every time I think I’m doing well, my old habits come back and bite me in the ass. I guess it’s a lifelong battle.

  2. Ughhh, it really IS a lifelong battle, you’re right. I fell headlong into the binge-eating barrel probably 7 years ago, and I’ve never really been able to shake it. Before that it was starving myself. So I just don’t know. My ulcerative colitis was such a huge turning point for me – it was so sobering. I’m convinced I did a lot of that damage to myself. I LOVE all your posts on my blog – thank you so much! I’m at work and I have a zillion mails to deal with but I’m going to reply to them later 🙂

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