I Went On Vacation And This Picture Is The Only Proof I Have


But it’s a good one, am I right?

Nightly facials and plenty of Starbucks and talking and laughing and venting and crying and seeing Wicked for the first time (!) and having no responsibilities and gorging on Indian food and lots of cake and new tattoos and piercings (but not for me…boo pregnancy restrictions) and watching SO MANY vines and listening to Fall Out Boy and Evanescence and amazing 90s pop and being chauffeured around (we have an understanding…no matter whose car we take, I occupy the passenger seat) and escaping the AZ heat for a couple of days…

Good for the soul.  All of it.

While it’s so nice to be back with my boys now (I never thought I’d be “that mom” but I admit now that it is hard for me to be away from them), vacations are always a good thing.



P.S. I went into Sephora and spent less than $7.  I was able to talk myself out of so many “necessary” purchases.  ALL THE PRIZES, PLEASE.




Things You Aren’t “Supposed” to Have When You’re Pregnant

20140717_153649[First order of pregnancy: make sure to take lots of precious “hand framing the bump” shots.  The classics never go out of style.  ;)]

So you’ve peed on that little magic wand and it told you you’re gestating a small human.  Congratulations!  Your next step is to stalk babycenter, babble, and other pregnancy websites (you know, the ones you’ve been secretly reading anyway while you’ve been TTC) for the next several months and throw yourself into a panic.

It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

As a seasoned pro (chortle chortle), let me assure you that it is very important to follow all of the rules.

Let’s begin.

You should never eat sushi.




Or soft, unpasteurized cheeses.


[Brie on toast, get in my belly.]

Don’t take hot baths.


Or eat raw eggs.


[If you’re going for the boxed stuff, I highly recommend Ghirardelli.]

And sorry, but you’re going to have to give up your daily coffee.


And that nightly giant mug of beer.


[Kidding. That one, at least, wasn’t mine.  I may be a rule breaker but I have managed to abstain from imbibing.]

And get rid of your cats.  They’re just disease incubators waiting to infect you.


 The face of illness.

During the coming months, you will be bombarded with advice from all sides.  It is very important to follow all of it, all the time.  Especially when it comes from random strangers.

Good luck, mama-to-be.  May your sense of humor be with you.

Keyboard Confessional


I suppose my first confession should be that I may have more pictures of my cats than I do of my kids.  What can I say…cats hold still and kids don’t.


I bought an apple pie at Costco a couple of days ago.  What was the occasion, you ask?  Oh, just me.  Wanting apple pie.  And it is basically gone now.


Can I put “ability to demolish an entire apple pie without assistance” on my resume?


The other day I was reading the boys a story and when I came to the phrase “tuck them” I read it with an ‘f” in my head.  I realized it just before I said it out loud.  What is wrong with you, this is a children’s book!


I’ve lied (omissions! gentle untruths!) to my OBGYN a couple times.  I like to keep certain things on a need-to-know basis.


And speaking of doctors…I am addicted to internet diagnosis.  Nothing passes idle time like googling all of your symptoms.  WebMD has assured me that I have at least 5 types of cancer.  It’s a miracle I’m still alive.


And for my final divulgation, I have to say that as adorable and demanding as babies and toddlers are…I’m enjoying the boys so much more now that they are older.


Although I admit that the recent demise of naptime is something I am not handling very well.



Sunday Brunch


Yesterday was Dave Matthews and the house to myself while I cooked a big brunch.

Yesterday was strawberries and cream cheese stuffed french toast  and fresh blackberries with lime and honey (my favorite and only way to eat them).  And also bacon.



Yesterday was a hike, and a nap (or a 15 mile run, if you’re Silas–I took the nap route, obvs) and family dinner.

Yesterday was cloudy and cool and lovely.  Rare for Arizona, but some of my favorite weather.

Let’s have yesterday once more, please.  Shall we put it to a vote?



Hope you had a lovely weekend filled with lovely food, as always.  What lies ahead for you this week?  I have to admit that I have a serious case of Monday melancholy.  Time to go watch cat videos.

And speaking of cat videos, if you haven’t seen Dubstep Cat….DO IT.  You’re welcome.

Life Lately, Bullet-Pointed


We’ve been making much use of the Nutri-bullet my mom got us for our birthdays.  We’ve had a Ninja for a few years and it’s great, but not so good for making single-serving smoothies, or things like hummus, salad dressings, etc.  I have an old food processor that I’ve been using for the smaller jobs but it left many undesirable chunks in the finished product.

Speaking of birthdays, Silas turned 28 yesterday!  We went to see Divergent and ate a billion Chewy Sprees during the movie.  I couldn’t feel my mouth afterward.  (Divergent was definitely not his pick but he said it wasn’t as cheesy as some of the other YA-type movies he’s been forced to watch.  I say, two thumbs up and I really liked who they picked for Tris and Four.)


We found a few new parks (and the library!! best day ever), and, first impression? Everyone here is so friendly.  I’m already having a much different experience than I did in our last place.  Women have gone out of their way to talk to me and a few have even given me their numbers and said we should meet up.  FRIENDS, YOU GUYS.  FRIENDS.

We were only in our last house for about 8 months but I never really ended up making any friends.  I was really lonely (mostly my fault, I guess) and felt so isolated.  Here, we live close to everything and it seems like people are just extra-friendly, even at the grocery stores.  I’m really grateful.


I’ve gotten lazy as my hair has gotten longer, and haven’t been trying as many new hairstyles as I did when I was desperately growing it out.  I used one of Kate’s tutorials today, and it turned out super cute.  Not that you can tell from the fuzzy picture.


Well, that’s all the nonsense I have for you guys today.  Heather out.





It’s Mah Birthday

Photo on 3-18-14 at 7.26 AM

[Celebrating 25 by forcing Hobbes into a selfie.]

Unfortunately there will be no partying or sipping of Bacardi, as the 50 Cent song suggests.

But, my parents are coming over to watch the boys and later have a birthday dinner with me, and I am going to spend the morning at the DMV getting a new driver’s license.  So that is something now, isn’t it?

4-up on 3-18-14 at 7.18 AM (compiled)

[Siah was having NONE OF IT.]

I’m also hoping to squeeze in a haircut if they can get me in today (not likely but miracles still happen, right?).  Getting my hair done happens pretty rarely (as my straggly ends will attest), but it is one of my favorite ways to treat myself.  Plus I have a Groupon.

Photo on 3-18-14 at 7.20 AM

Have a lovely March 18th!  I’m pretty fond of it.

It’s Birthday Month!



March is full of birthdays around here.  We have 5 March birthdays in my family, including Silas and myself.  I also have at least 8 friends with birthdays this month.  

So basically, cake.  That is what that means.

Today I made lemon pound cake with blueberry filling and lemon cream cheese frosting [pictured above] for my mom’s birthday.  My cakes may be ugly, but they taste mighty fine.



Blueberry compote.  Yes.

I actually made two cakes, because we didn’t think there would be enough for everyone.  But when you’re eating a two-layer pound cake with filling and cream cheese frosting…you get full pretty quickly.  So we had an entire cake left over.

Photo on 3-9-14 at 2.10 PM


I hadn’t baked in a while, so it was fun to cake it up today.  But those suckers took me all morning to make.  I might be done for this month.  Silas and I can stick some candles on a pizza or something.



What is your favorite birthday cake (or treat, if you’re not a cake person)?  Honestly, I love a classic yellow cake with a good chocolate frosting.  It’s the best.






I love brunch on weekends.

It always ends up being brunch because I like to take things slow in the morning and don’t usually get around to making breakfast until 10 or so.

Our traditional weekend breakfast is coffee cake (this one or this one, with blueberries instead of rhubarb), but lately I’ve been in a waffle mood.



Sometimes I’ll make a fruit compote or syrup to go on top, but often we each just do our own thing.  The boys usually eat their waffles with peanut butter and jelly.  Silas is a fan of the peanut butter + syrup combo.  I favor lemon and powdered sugar on mine, but sometimes you just can’t beat regular old syrup.

(And I mean HFCS-laden table syrup, not maple syrup.  It’s what I grew up on, it’s what I love.  Don’t judge.)



What’s your favorite weekend breakfast?  I’m always looking for new recipes.



Sick Day


I’m not feeling well today, but blogging makes me happy, and I’m trying to avoid taking (another) unintended hiatus.  Yesterday was full of sunshine and hours of reading, and the day ended with dinner at a restaurant with my parents and grandmother.  (The boys’ behavior at said dinner is not something I care to discuss right now.  Let us think of pleasant things instead.)

For now, I bid you adieu and urge you to go forth and kiss a cat today.


Even if she hates you for it.

Scenes from the Week



In spite of my ups and downs and what you dear readers probably perceive is a dreary outlook on life, we do actually manage to do things sometimes.  🙂

We often have lunch at the park, as winter happens to be the perfect picnic season in Arizona.



We also nap.



I finally managed to paint my nails this week (while watching What Not to Wear, bien sûr).



(When I showed my nails to Silas, he examined them for a moment and then said, “You need to learn to color in the lines.”)

Speaking of painting, I got brave and pulled out the brushes and paints, and we decorated rocks.  And any exposed skin, apparently, when my back was turned.  (“Oh no, mom, we painted our bodies!  We not ‘posed to do that!”)













Now we’re headed to my parents’ house for dinner with family.  In spite of everything else that’s going on (oh, we’re moving again by the way…so I have to spend my spare time stalking listings on zillow and calling realtors for appointments even though it feels like WE JUST DID THIS A FEW MONTHS AGO), life really is nice.

(Plus I’ve almost finished my second book of the stack!)



How was your week?