I Went On Vacation And This Picture Is The Only Proof I Have


But it’s a good one, am I right?

Nightly facials and plenty of Starbucks and talking and laughing and venting and crying and seeing Wicked for the first time (!) and having no responsibilities and gorging on Indian food and lots of cake and new tattoos and piercings (but not for me…boo pregnancy restrictions) and watching SO MANY vines and listening to Fall Out Boy and Evanescence and amazing 90s pop and being chauffeured around (we have an understanding…no matter whose car we take, I occupy the passenger seat) and escaping the AZ heat for a couple of days…

Good for the soul.  All of it.

While it’s so nice to be back with my boys now (I never thought I’d be “that mom” but I admit now that it is hard for me to be away from them), vacations are always a good thing.



P.S. I went into Sephora and spent less than $7.  I was able to talk myself out of so many “necessary” purchases.  ALL THE PRIZES, PLEASE.