So I Should Probably Mention


14.5 (…ish) weeks, due date sometime in the first week of October (there’s been some confusion because I’m measuring a little big–shocker–hopefully the next ultrasound will clear it up).

We were very (!) surprised when we found out back in February, but are thrilled in spite of the seemingly less-than-ideal timing (Silas leaves for 4th year rotations in a few weeks, and none of his rotations are in this state.  So there’s that).

This pregnancy has been vastly different from my last two.  Tesla and Desmond think it’s a girl and have suggested the name Garter*.

They also think the baby is going to crawl out of my mouth when it gets bigger.  There are obviously a few gaping holes in their knowledge of functional anatomy.

So!  The adventure begins.  (Again.)



*Garter is not currently in the running for names.



7 thoughts on “So I Should Probably Mention

  1. Congratulations!
    I know you feel big, but I think you look gorgeous! I especially love the flowery shirt you are wearing.
    I hope everything goes well with the pregnancy and you don’t feel too overwhelmed with the unexpected excitement (And if you weren’t feeling that, I’m sorry for just shoving those emotions in your face).

    I do have some questions about baby spacing and what you would recommend since your little boys are so close in age. Just want to know advantages and disadvantages for my pro/con list (wow that didn’t sound so nerdy in my head). I know you’ll give me an honest opinion instead of sugar coating things and I appreciate that.

    • Close spacing is wonderful in the long run ;), though the first few months might be exhausting with 2 in diapers, but if I space them close enough, you no longer are the only playmate, they have each other to play with. So much easier. IMO of course

  2. Oh wow, congratulations! When I saw the photo at first I was wondering if you’d mentioned it before. How exciting! Yeah, totally agree that Garter isn’t exactly an ideal name. :p

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