Anatomy of a Friday Morning


For the last several days, I’ve been a bit of a…oh, what’s the word…cranky bitch.

So today, in spite of the ongoing irritibility and general “I’m done with life and all I want to do is watch Season 2 of Veronica Mars and eat Chewy Sprees until I can’t feel my tongue anymore”-ness, I decided to have some caffeine, woman up, and take this day by the horns.

The boys chopped strawberries.

20140328_081538and ate them.



I cooked up some delicious apples…and burnt them a bit.


There were spilled smoothies


and nests made.

20140328_091552(Desmond’s face…)

We had German apple pancakes (pancake?) for the first time


and let me just say–delicious.  In fact, the child who whined for about 15 minutes straight that he didn’t “want apple pancakes!” ended up eating twice as much as I did.

Food really does make everything better sometimes.



I hope your Friday is delicious and your weekend is even more so.  I’m thinking of making some sort of chorizo pizza tonight…





7 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Friday Morning

  1. That spilled smoothie straight up looks like Slime from Nickelodeon! What are its flavors?? Now that almost all of my favorite weekly shows have reached the end of their seasons, mebbe I should pick up this Veronica Mars. I also need to watch Bomb Girls, apparently. 😀

    • Gross, it totally does now that you mention it. Haha. It was just spinach and mangos (aaaand some honey because I overdid the spinach). It was really good, despite it’s…appearance.

      I never watched Veronica Mars when it was on, and I was going to a couple years ago but then it was taken off of Netflix. But it’s on Amazon Prime, if you have it, and I love it right now! (I also have a girl crush on Kristen Bell–I think she is adorable.) I haven’t heard of Bomb Girls, but I will go look it up now…

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