Be Back Soon!


Right now I’m swimming in boxes.  My lovely parents graciously offered to take the boys for a couple days so that Silas and I could do the moving and unpacking.  It has been a much more arduous and time-consuming process than we expected it to be.  I swear it’s never taken this long to get settled into a place before.

Yesterday we learned that twelve Krispy Kreme donuts and two lattes is too much for two people.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, we ate it all…but we regretted it.

Speaking of regret, I am once again deeply regretting my decision to keep all of our dry goods in glass jars.  We seriously have more than two dozen of them.  Let’s make a short list of things you should avoid having if you are going to be moving every year or so:

Glass of any sort–it’s time to retire your mason jars and wine glasses and accept the life of a plastic-cup toting nomad.

Fragile decorations, including decorative mirrors–you know what makes for a lovely living space?  Fabric.  Just drape it over everything and stick it on the walls.  It’s easy to pack, not breakable, and not heavy.

And speaking of heavy–Just get rid of all of your furniture.  Bookcases, dressers, bed frames, dining sets–throw them all out.  All you really need are a few cushions in the living room and a mattress on the floor of your bedroom.  Embrace that minimalistic, eastern aesthetic.

Get into weightlifting. We somehow managed to get everything in and out of the truck by ourselves, but not without great struggles on my part.  I am definitely the weakest link.


We’re going to need a couple of days to settle in, but I will be back soon with words of wit and wisdom.  Or pictures of my cats.  You know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Be Back Soon!

  1. I giggled so hard at taking up weight lifting to keep up with moving…last summer when Michael and I were lifting almost every day, we were so pleased with ourselves that we actually VOLUNTEERED to help people move. I think altogether there were 3-4 people we helped move last summer. It does help! Bahaha. Of course now I’m turned back to lazy jello so I wouldn’t be as useful.

    Good luck!!! I await your return to blogging with antici…

    • OMG I am so weak. It was pathetic. Silas may have made a few passing comments about me needing to work out…haha.

      That’s so nice (and badass) of you guys to help people move! Moving stuff sucks.

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