New Beginnings


[p.s. the beer box has drinking glasses in it, since it came with these handy little inserts to hold them in place and hopefully keep them from shattering everywhere.  just so you know.  we’re not wasting valuable moving trailer space on cases of cerveza ;)]

Okay, so here’s the latest on the apartment saga (because I know you are all riveted): the place that I thought I’d found fell through.  I did the application, paid the fees…and then got a call the next day that “Ohhhh…well, it looks like somebody else has already taken it…”

I’m not going to lie, I dissolved into tears right there on the phone.

Later, Silas asked me if I had asked the leasing specialist if they had any other options for us and I was like, “No, I was CRYING TOO MUCH TO TALK TO HER.”  

Anyway.  So I once again started searching around, calling places…and on Sunday morning, one of them called me back!  They had a 3 bedroom (a 3 bedroom!!! thus far we’d only looked at 2 bedrooms) in [the upper upper end of] our price range, and it was available right now.  So we went to view it, and medium story short, if everything goes smoothly we should start moving in this week!

Even though this place isn’t nearly as nice as the one we almost got, I had a really good feeling as soon as we arrived yesterday.  It feels comfortable, quiet, safe…and right.  So, fingers crossed.  (And I’m sure your fingers are all crossed just because you’re sick of reading about my moving drama.)


So now I’m drowning in lists…I need to get a new driver’s license (after 3 years in Arizona…it’s time.  I still have my Utah one that I got when I was 19 and it expires next week), cancel utilities at the house, set up utilities at the new apartment, return my pile of library books (but not before I write down all the titles so I can check them out at our new library, wherever it may be), etc etc.

Moving always inspires me. (Fun fact: this is our 7th move since we got married almost 6 years ago.) I succumb to the arrival fallacy and think that everything is going to be so much better with a fresh start.  I start making all these plans–I’m finally going to have daily, weekly, and monthly chore schedules, meal plans, scheduled learning time with the boys every day, we’re going to cut out all screen time completely (ha!)…basically, I’m going to be amazing and on top of everything.  Even though I haven’t managed to do any of that for the last 6 years, moving to a new place will bestow upon me great powers of organization and motivation!


I know from past experience that most of these plans won’t stick, but that doesn’t stop me from making them.  Right now I’m in the beginning stages of drafting up a loose curriculum for homeschool (which I’m hoping to start with the boys this year…they both have late birthdays so I’m going to hold off on starting them in Kindergarten, which gives us the perfect opportunity to give homeschooling a shot).  And any of you who know me in real life are probably laughing your asses off that I am going to attempt homeschooling.  But hush yourselves and let me try.

I am also planning to make quiet time bins for Tesla, since he is moving away from taking naps (but I still needneedneed them), as well as chore lists for myself and the boys, a morning and evening routine chart, a flexible weekly meal plan…

Silas just shakes his head when I go through these phases, but I think by now he has learned to just sit back and watch.  You see, when I’m on, I am ON.  But these spurts of brilliance and energy are usually short-lived.  I realize this, but I guess I hope that if I draft up some loose routines, they will be able to carry me through the times when I’m…less able.

So here’s to dreaming and planning and schedules and routines and order and cleanliness.  Here’s to new beginnings.


What gives you the “must improve everything right now” bug?  Is it strictly relegated to December 31sts and major life changes or do you get antsy with the change of seasons?


8 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Yes I so know what you mean! We moved around a lot when I was growing up and each time I thought, yeah, I’m gonna craft a whole new persona and everyone will love me and I will do awesome things and leave all my neuroses at the door! Haha…ha. I think I told you but we are also moving in May…ish. Only we’ve just decided we are building a small house! SO MUCH TO DO. Build house, move, find job, get married…oof. 2014, jam-packed year of crazy (awesome?). Even though we are still working on getting the loan to buy all the materials I am crazy excited and having difficulty focusing on anything else. I am a little anxious about moving to another small town because what if I don’t fit in and feel like a weirdo fish out of water? But there’s another big part of me that is exhilarated because the land we’ll be building on is secluded back among hills and trees and overlooks a pond…peaceful hermit dreamland! So much time and room for activities! Nature walks! Room for the dog to play! Nature smells! Garden? I am a believer in fresh starts and how they open up another petal in our budding souls/character/personalities. Your mood and wherewithal may not last indefinitely but maybe a new part of you will start to thrive in your new locale. Best wishes and luck!

    And I do not tire of your moving chronicles. Share on!

    • Oh my gosh you’re building a house?! That is fantastic. You must be insanely excited, it is going to be so fun to pick everything out. And it sounds like it is in a beautiful place–I can’t wait until we can live somewhere surrounded by some land and nature.

      Thank you for your encouragement! I can’t wait to see all your plans for 2014 come to fruition!

  2. I moved about every 6 months to a year from the ages of 17 to 31. Then I got married, had kids, bought a home and constantly dream of moving. Not because I need better or more, just because there is something about moving that inspires me. I become the best version of myself. Energetic, organized, lists that actually get checks. It’s a life change, with a fresh slate. It was so cathartic for me. I’ve been told it was a mechanism to manage my ADD and hereditary depression. But that person is not a doctor and I’ve never actually been diagnosed with either so I’m going to ignore them and just say I love a good change!

    • What you described about moving bringing out the best version of yourself is exactly how I feel. Somehow the changes that are coming up have given me the energy and inspiration to really get into planning all those things I’ve been wanting to do and change. It shakes me out of the ruts I’ve been in and just fills me with all sorts of hope and promise. Now that I think about it though, I slipped into depression after a few of our most recent moves, so I’ll have to be on the lookout for that.

      I took a glance at your blog and saw that you started homeschooling so I am headed over to read about it right now!! I am desperately looking for “those who have gone before” to show me I can do it, haha.

      • “those who have gone before”, I’ve been homeschooling for a week officially and 3 weeks unofficially. Right now I feel like I’m being schooled. It seems the learning curve for understanding how kiddos learn as individuals is longer than I anticipated. But that’s why I started, because not all kiddos learn the singular way public schools educate. It’s been exciting and fun for sure and scary.

  3. Actually, both of you described how moving was for me too. Having moved so very many times in my childhood and as a teenager it always seemed to me that moving was the way to fix problems and create a better self and everything was going to be better.

    I got married and we started living someplace longer than a year I was antsy and ready to start over. When we moved to Tennessee I couldn’t believe we were stuck there so long (5 years) and I couldn’t run away from everything anymore, I had no choice but to stay and face the hard stuff for the first time. My husband and children were good, it was me and my own issues about loneliness, depression, which it didn’t know I had, and anxiety etc, that I had to learn to face and we finally moved and lived somewhere else 8 more years and I finally started to accept myself and accept that my life AS IT IS is exactly my life and I needed to embrace it and live it. That all probably sounds confusing to anyone else, but it makes sense to me 🙂

    And I should have homeschooled my children, they all begged me at different times but I didn’t feel like I had it in me or could even know where to begin. I regret that decision now, looking back. Thank goodness you have support and a myriad of resources now, if you so choose to do so.

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