It’s Birthday Month!



March is full of birthdays around here.  We have 5 March birthdays in my family, including Silas and myself.  I also have at least 8 friends with birthdays this month.  

So basically, cake.  That is what that means.

Today I made lemon pound cake with blueberry filling and lemon cream cheese frosting [pictured above] for my mom’s birthday.  My cakes may be ugly, but they taste mighty fine.



Blueberry compote.  Yes.

I actually made two cakes, because we didn’t think there would be enough for everyone.  But when you’re eating a two-layer pound cake with filling and cream cheese frosting…you get full pretty quickly.  So we had an entire cake left over.

Photo on 3-9-14 at 2.10 PM


I hadn’t baked in a while, so it was fun to cake it up today.  But those suckers took me all morning to make.  I might be done for this month.  Silas and I can stick some candles on a pizza or something.



What is your favorite birthday cake (or treat, if you’re not a cake person)?  Honestly, I love a classic yellow cake with a good chocolate frosting.  It’s the best.



6 thoughts on “It’s Birthday Month!

  1. CAAAAAAAKE! Those look so good – and they sound even better. Well done! And I think that for your birthday(s), someone can bake *you* a cake (though sticking candles in a pizza has merits all of its own).

    I love cake more than anything in the world. Also, I miss it more than any other single thing on this diet. In particular, my dad’s chocolate cake, and also this super moist raisin cake that he makes – it sounds bizarre but it’s soooo good (and doesn’t taste at all like fruit cake). And this was my birthday cake for my 30th last year: (hope you can see it – to give you an idea of how much I love cake).

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