The Search Continues


[that little blur to the left of my hand belongs to one of the boys, who took turns incessantly ringing the doorbell to the vacant house]

I had a long, complain-y post about house/apartment hunting drafted in my head…but lucky for you guys I don’t have time to write it today (due to the aforementioned ongiong house/apartment hunting).

I’m going to drag the boys to yet another look at an apartment after breakfast that looks promising…keep your fingers crossed for me because I am so done with this.  (Also, we found out yesterday that we have to be out in two weeks…so the sooner I find a place the better.  You know.)

Going from a 4 bedroom house (with a backyard…sniff) back down to a 2 bedroom apartment will be a wee bit of an adjustment.  But I’m staying positive.

You know how I’m so good at that.


Love you guys!  Hopefully I’ll be back soon with news.


8 thoughts on “The Search Continues

  1. Awwww! *hug* I feel you! We are supposed to be moving in 1-2 months and I’m kinda starting to freak out. Fortunately Michael is dealing with the housing situation because he is working up in that area M-F (leaving me a crazy cat lady during the week for the time being), but thinking about getting all our crap packed up and moved and finding a new job and new friends and new errything is stressful!

    I hope you find something reasonably wonderful soon. ❤

    • Ugh, moving is the worst sometimes. I’m sorry you guys have to move soon! I’m sure it will be nice to be closer to Michael’s work so he can be home more. And making friends as an adult is hard! I’m praying harder than hard that I meet someone in our new area that will make the next year more fun and bearable because I need a local friend bad.

  2. Gosh, house-hunting is the worst. Took us 2 and a half months to find our current place and now we want to move again so we can accommodate our very own Hobbes! Good luck with your search.

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