We were at the park the other day.  The boys were playing and I was distracted.  I’ve been a little preoccupied lately with trying to find an apartment and get our living situation sorted out.  This next year of school coming up for Silas (his last one!) is exciting, full of audition rotations and interviews, but it means that he will be out of state for pretty much the entire year.

So there’s that.

After a while I realized that the boys had wandered off, so I went to go find them and round them up for a Costco trip (bless you Costco, for being the high point in our weeks).  I found them playing in this little field of clover.  It was lush and green (everything that I miss, living in the desert) and absolutely beautiful.  It was a nice reminder that, even when I’m lost in a fog (even one primarily of my own making), there is still brightness out there.

All I have to do is look up.



Speaking of bright things, I just finished my fourth book of the year (I know, I’m so behind 🙂 ), and–miracle of miracles–all four have been fantastic!  It’s rare that I read so many good ones in a row.  I just started the next one in my stack and I’m eager to get lost in it.

Are you reading anything good right now?  I’m forever working on my “to read” list and I’d love to add to it.

8 thoughts on “Brightness

  1. Whoa, all of the books you’ve read have been good? I need recommendations! And that pic of your boys is gorgeous. I’d never guess you were living in a desert.

    • I’ll get a recommendation list together. But definitely check out Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan. The story is pretty good but the characters are fantastic. I love her subtle sense of humor.

  2. I haven’t been reading this month just because there are way too many video games I’m playing. In January I went crazy on books and read like 16 which is really unusual for me. My goal for the whole year is 25. haha But I’m a gamer so I go in and out of books vs. games.

    • 16!! That’s a ton. Do you play more video games or computer games? I have gamer tendencies (SO addictive!) but haven’t ever had friends who were really into gaming so I didn’t get into it as much as I could have.

      • I like both PC and console games – I’ve always been into RPG’s, adventure games, and some casual games like The Sims. I use Steam on my laptop pretty often but I also have a 3DS XL, 2 Xbox 360’s (because I don’t like to share :p), and a PS3. Right now I’m in the middle of 3 games and another new one is coming out next week, so I’m kind of overwhelmed in games right now. I prefer to be into one thing at a time, whether it be games or books!

        What kind of games do you like?

      • I haven’t played many but I’ve always loved The Sims (who doesn’t??). I nannied in Bermuda for a summer when I was in high school and I’m pretty sure all I did in my free time was play Sims. I love it so much.

        I’ve always been more drawn to RPGs than first-person shooter games, possibly because I’m always the first to get killed and having to wait for my next turn and watch everyone else play is super boring. 😉

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