Scenes from the Week



In spite of my ups and downs and what you dear readers probably perceive is a dreary outlook on life, we do actually manage to do things sometimes.  🙂

We often have lunch at the park, as winter happens to be the perfect picnic season in Arizona.



We also nap.



I finally managed to paint my nails this week (while watching What Not to Wear, bien sûr).



(When I showed my nails to Silas, he examined them for a moment and then said, “You need to learn to color in the lines.”)

Speaking of painting, I got brave and pulled out the brushes and paints, and we decorated rocks.  And any exposed skin, apparently, when my back was turned.  (“Oh no, mom, we painted our bodies!  We not ‘posed to do that!”)













Now we’re headed to my parents’ house for dinner with family.  In spite of everything else that’s going on (oh, we’re moving again by the way…so I have to spend my spare time stalking listings on zillow and calling realtors for appointments even though it feels like WE JUST DID THIS A FEW MONTHS AGO), life really is nice.

(Plus I’ve almost finished my second book of the stack!)



How was your week?




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