Do Not Disturb

In a fit of ecstatic card catalog searching and clicking, I apparently reserved 15 young adult novels at the library without realizing it.


When I went to pick them up today and saw how many there were, a sentiment akin to “holy shit” may have crossed my mind.

I guess I’d better hunker down and get a start on this pile.

The very idea fills me with unimaginable glee.  Life is good, you guys.

I’m praying (futilely) for rain, because what is better than a blanket, a book, and a grey day?

Nothing.  The correct answer is “nothing”.



What is your favorite way to spend your alone time?






9 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. This was so great. I always get a little overexcited at the library too, and reserve books that I don’t even remember reserving…and especially YA books – why not? A little angst, a little coming of age…what’s not to love? Have fun reading! I am currently in the middle of Night Circus – love it. 🙂

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