Good Things


If you had asked me at 8am to forecast my day, I would have said “lame and pointless with a chance of crappy”.

Everything just seemed really “meh” and I felt so disorganized and scattered and there was fighting and I may or may not have “raised my voice” and scared the children.

But somehow, after breakfast had been eaten and we’d all calmed down a bit, things turned around in a big way.

The boys spent the next couple of hours in self-directed play, and the lack of whining and needing of my person allowed me to get a ton of things done.  The productivity high was beautiful.

IMG_20140205_115842recipe here

It was a rare and fantastic morning, the one that makes me feel like I’m rocking at the mothering thing and why don’t I just go ahead and homeschool these wee beasties because look how awesome life is.  Also, I heart my new mascara with my whole soul, and Hobbes is ridiculous and I love his squishy little body for it.

This is Hobbes.  He is a cat.

And I know that 5:30-8:30 pm is usually the hardest part of the day for me so I have that to look forward to, but right now?  Right now things are good.


How’s life on your end?

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