Ramble On

Photo on 2-4-14 at 5.09 PM

‘Sup, peeps.

I don’t really have anything to share today…it’s been an interesting week.  Not really interesting, actually.  I’ve been kind of self-involved so this is me coming out a bit.  In a blog post.  About myself.


I hadn’t read anything yet this year (for shame) so I read a book yesterday and another one today.  Both very good, much better than expected.  Funny, intriguing, and exactly what I want in a YA novel.  (YA forever and ever.  I should get that tattooed on something.)

Sometimes when I read something good I get writer’s envy and I’m like Shit, when am I going to get my shit together and write awesome shit like this?  (My mind voice swears a lot, apologies.)  I was in a writing groove for a while, doing good good things, and then of course that came to a screeching halt, as everything always seems to do.  So this is me putting fingers to keys and forcing myself to write something.  Even if it’s shitty shit and not awesome shit.

I really have got nothing for you guys.  My deepest and most humble apologies.  But everyone’s allowed to write some nonsensical crap every once in a while.

I expect funny youtube links in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Ramble On

  1. Eh. Story of my life. I write something GOOD and then I think that what I always will write will be good and perfect and marketable. And then suddenly I write something not so good, or I stop writing, and i’m like, I…wanna be a published writer…please? HOLY CRAP my sleepy meds are kicking in…
    my point being, it’s okay to go through cycles of writing some awesome shit and then writing some, as you so aptly put it, shitty shit. It comes with the territory of being a writer. But bad punctuation does not; I apologize for this comment!

    • Thanks. It’s comforting to know other writers have the same feelings/doubts/frustrations. Writing, putting out decent stuff on a consistent basis, is so much harder than it seems. And making actual money from your writing? EVEN HARDER. It’s like the holy grail (for me at least).

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