Things I Said I Would Never Do

(1) Live in Arizona

(Been here two and a half years and counting…)


This is our backyard.  It is full of rocks.

(2) Live in South Dakota


(Now Sioux Falls is on my list of places I’d love to move to!)

(3) Yell at my children


(4) Wear skinny jeans

(Turns out they can actually be pretty comfortable and awesome.)

(5) Own a pair of ankle boots


(Okay, so I was wrong about them…)

(6) Let anyone see my stomach. ever.

(Internet, meet belly!)

(7) Date a guy with facial hair.


(Changed my mind.)

(8) Be one of those moms who won’t cut her baby’s hair and lets him look ridiculous in his stringy-haired baldness.


(My bad.  Sorry, D.)

(9) Willingly jump into an ice-cold pool.

(I would post the video evidence but I uttered some, ah, choice words when my head broke the surface.  THE WATER WAS 46 DEGREES PEOPLE.)

(10) Wear a nose ring.

When I originally got my nose pierced, Jacob (the awesome piercer) asked me if I would ever want to switch my stud for a ring, because that would affect the placement of my piercing (rings are usually worn lower so you can fit a smaller diameter ring on). I was all, “No way, man! Rings are for bulls!” so he went ahead and pierced it nice and high like I wanted.


Fast forward a couple months, and I started to notice girls rocking the most adorable nose rings (like Lauren).  I got it into my head that I wanted one, too, although the way my nose is pierced made it less-than-ideal for a hoop (and very likely that it would look ridiculous and obvious and not small and cute like I was picturing).  But I had to try, so off to the piercing studio I went.

When I told Jacob what I wanted, he was hesitant.  “Your piercing isn’t really placed right for a ring to fit as snugly as you want it to. Every once in a while it works out, but it’s pretty rare.  I guess we can try, though, right?”

So try it we did.  I stood up, looked in the mirror, and…

Hm.  This looks…interesting.

He told me to give it a week to see if I got used to it.  And while I don’t love it from the side…


I think it looks pretty cute from the front.


So we’ll see if I fall in love with it or go for a smaller stud instead.

Look at me though, taking risks and not caring what people think!  My 16-year old self would be mortified.


Tell me something you said you would “never ever” do.


4 thoughts on “Things I Said I Would Never Do

  1. I have been saying that for most of my life, and those things that would never happen…..well….they do, I do. They are.

    BTW- I said I never wanted to live in Savannah….. 8 years later. It works so well, I think my next one is saying I never want to go to Italy or back to the Caribbean. Think it’ll work?

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