Adios Holiday Cheer

I packed up all things Christmas-themed today.

Which included un-decorating the tree, gathering up 10 strands of lights (for which I naively kept the boxes–apparently I was under some delusion that I would actually  be able to wrap each strand neatly enough and tightly enough to fit it back into those nice little containers.  HA.) and cleaning up endless piles of needles.

My first-experience with a real tree.  I’ll try to come up with some emotion that summarizes it.



[this is about 1/4 of the ones I swept up today]

And did I mention that I carried that big-ass tree outside to our back patio all by myself?  Yes sir I did.

So Christmas is over, and the new year is looming.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that yet (not that it really matters.  Time marches on, and all that.)

Maybe I’ll contemplate it while I finish off my kids’ Christmas candy tonight.


thoughts? leave 'em here.

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