Just Call Me Martha

I used to be a baking addict.

Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cake…I couldn’t get enough.  I made it all, all the time.  No hyperbole, I baked something sweet at least once a day.

Holidays were my favorite, because I felt justified in feeding my obsession.  What else is the end of the year for if not overindulging?

Slowly I moved away from a habit (compulsion?) that I never thought I’d escape.  (Someday we might have a discussion about that journey, but today is not that day.)  This holiday season has been seriously lacking in the treat consumption department, so today I decided I would remedy that. (I mean, Christmas is in two days so…)

I found this recipe for Oreo Peppermint Bark on A Southern Fairytale.

Excellent, I thought.  That looks so easy.  It’s really not even baking at all.


Somehow, even though I followed the very simple recipe like a formula (well, sort of) , my top layer of white chocolate was quite sparse and well nigh impossible to spread.  Also, there’s the simple fact that, instead of looking like a chocolatier’s holiday confection, mine looks akin to something Santa’s reindeer might vomit up after a particularly turbulent sleigh ride.



I feel so festive now.  This almost makes up for the lack of snow.

(for more evidence of my culinary failure see also: breakfast from last week)



Do you have any have any holiday treats that promise results that are attractive enough to actually share with people?  Lay ’em on me.

2 thoughts on “Just Call Me Martha

  1. So when I saw the title of your blog post, I thought you were talking about Martha from Doctor Who. And when I finished, I was a little bit confused but just figured I’d missed something. I read the post again, and I thought, wait, where’s the reference to how awful and worthless Martha Jones was? And then I thought again, and I was like “ohhhhhh martha STEWART” shit. (It was so sad, it took me so long.)

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